Selling the Ubot Plugins Site

Hello everyone, this is Aymen.

This might be big news for some of you but it was a move that was going to happen sooner or later. Ubot is something I’m trying to put behind me and focus on my other projects (MacrosEngine is one of them). I didn’t sell it yet because I didn’t receive a convincing offer yet and the ones who offered to buy it wasn’t fit to take over it in my opinion, this is still something I put a lot of blood and sweat into, so I’m looking to pass it on to someone who will take care of it.

What is being sold exactly?

  1. The main website + domain:
  2. The email list: around 1600 subscribers
  3. The List of plugins source codes available for sale here:
  4. A list of over 8 unreleased plugins source codes that you can launch yourself (send me an email for the full list)

6 months of dev support from Me:

On top of all that, I’ll be offering 6 months (70 hours of dev max) of dev support until you get familiar with the whole thing or hire someone of your own. This is over $4000 in value alone.

send me an email: [email protected] or contact me on skype @aymenbnr

Asking price: 10k USD