Huge Plugins Package – 40% Discount

Take Your Ubot Coding Experience to the next Level with this 6 plugins pack with over 65 new commands and Functions




Ubot Plugins List

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  • HTTP Post Plugin
  • FTP plugin
  • XML plugin
  • Zip/Unzip plugin
  • SQLite database plugin
  • Email Plugin (SMTP/IMAP/POP) NEW


HTTP Post Plugin


Http Post Commands and functions Integrated in this plugin :

  • $http post : send http post data to website without having to run the browser
  • $http get: scrape a page document without having to navigate to the page
  • HTTP file downloader : download files socket based
  • Http proxy checker function  : check proxies on the backgound and fast
  • Http pagerank checker function : check the pagerank of any url
  • URL hostname function : Get The Hostname (Domain name) of any URL
  • http headers command : get the headers info of a website
  • API function (new) : easily make a call to an API interface and get a response back !
  • $html encode : “converts characters that are not allowed in HTML into character-entity equivalents”
  • $html decode : “reverses the encoding”
  • $url encode : converts characters to their hexadecimal representation to be used in the http post requests
  • $url decode : reverses the encoding (You should use this method with care. Unescaping a string that has been previously unescaped can lead to ambiguities and errors.)
  • $strip html tags : removes all html tags from a text
  • list scraper: gives you many options of what you want to scrape from a text
  • $base64 encode function
  • $base64 decode function
  • $scrape list function
  • $soap request function
  • http container command
  • $alexa rank checker function
  • http serialize cookies : save cookies to disk
  •  http deserialize cookies : load cookies from disk




  • Simple License Validation System (uses the http post plugin and the close bot plugin)
  • Spinner Chief API integration (uses the http post plugin)
  • LinkLicious API integration (uses the http post plugin)
  • Spin rewriter API (uses the http post plugin)
  • Lindexed API integration (uses the http post plugin)
  • The Best Spinner API Integration (uses the http post plugin)
  • Http proxy checker source code (uses the Http proxy checker function)
  • WordPress sockets based commenter example (Uses the http post plugin)
  • SpinChimp API
  • PingOmatic pinger example
  • Check My IP example
  • Twitter Sockets Example
  • Facebook login example
  • Pinterest Login Example
  • Ustream login Example
  • Bulk PR+alexa checker
  •  tinyurl api example
  • Etc…
  • Lifetime updates

FTP plugin

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FTP Commands and functions Integrated in this plugin :

  • FTP Connect
  • FTP remove folder
  • FTP file upload
  • FTP file download
  • FTP file delete
  • FTP create folder
  • FTP folder upload
  • ftp file exists function
  • ftp folder exists function
  • ftp get files function
  • ftp get folders function

XML plugin


XML Commands and functions Integrated in this plugin :

  • Create XML file : create an XML file and fill it with data on the fly
  • XML to table : convert your xml file to a table
  • Load XML file : load an xml file then , Remove , Update Or add Nodes to it easily
  • Remove Node : used inside Load XML file to remove a specified node from the xml file
  • Update Node : used inside Load XML file to update a child node value
  • XML element : used to add a single element in the XML file
  • XML child : used to add a Child node under the XML element
  • CSV TO XML : convert a csv file to an xml file

Zip/Unzip plugin

Zip/Unzip Commands and functions Integrated in this plugin :

  • Unzip file : used to unzip a zip file
  • Zip files : zip a list of files in a single zip file
  • zip password : used to add a password a zip file
  • zip comment : used to add a comment to a zip file
  • Zip folder : Create a zip of a specified folder
  • Zip Compression(new) : Compress the zip file with a compression level
  • Zip Encryption(new) : Encrypt your zip file using 3 encryption methods , Pkzip Weak encryption , 128-bit and 256-bit AES WinZip Encryption.

SQLite database plugin

SQLite Commands and functions Integrated in this plugin :

  • SQLite Create database command : you can easily create an empty database with this command
  • SQLite query command : used to run SQL query that doesn’t have any returned data such as UPDATE , CREATE , DELETE ..Etc
  • SQlite get data command : used to send SELECT SQL queries and get data back in  a table
  • grid window command : shows a window with a datagrid of selected database rows
  • database to html function
  • table to html function
  • sqlite data reader function

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