Free String Management Plugin


A Set of Over 30 Functions To Use in Ubot Studio

Introducing The New Free String Management Plugin

Encoding and Encryption

EncodeBase64  : base64 encode a string
DecodeBase64 : base64 decode a string
HtmlEncode : html encode a string
HtmlDecode : html decode a string
HtmlAttributeEncode : encode html attributes from a string
EncryptRSA : encrypt a string using RSA cryptography
DecryptRSA : Decrypt an RSA cryptography to a string
JavaScriptStringEncode : encode a string for javascript usage
EscapeXml : scrape an xml string input


RemoveAllSpecialCharacters : Remove All Special Characters from a string
Repeat : repeat a string a given number of times
Reverse : Reverse a string
ToPlural : convert a word/string to plural
ToTitleCase : convert a string to title case
ToUpperFirstLetter :  convert a string to upper (only first letter)
Truncate : Truncate a strign to a maximum number of given chars
RemoveDiacritics : Remove Diacritics from string
RemoveLetter : remove all letters from a string
RemoveNumber : remove all numbers from a string
Nl2Br (new line to br) : convert new line to </ br>
Br2Nl (br to new line) : convert </ br> to new line


EnsureStartsWith : ensure a string starts with a given value if not add it to the start
EnsureEndsWith : ensure a string ends with a given value if not add it to the end
IsEmpty : check if string is empty return false if it is not
IsNotEmpty : check if string is not empty , return false if it is
IsEmptyOrWhiteSpace : check if a strign is empty or have whitespace
IsNumeric : check if string is a number
IsMatchingTo (regex) : check if a string matches a given regex pattern
IsLike (takes wild cart) : check if string matches a given wildcard pattern
IsValidEmail : check if string is a valid email adress
IsValidIP : check if string is a valid ip
IsAlpha : check if string is alpha (upper case/ lower case characters only)
IsAlphaNumeric check if string is alpha numeric (upper case/ lower case characters and numbers only)


ExtractDigits : extract digits from string
GetBefore : get value from string before a given value
GetBetween : get value from string between two given values
GetAfter  : get value from string after a given value


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